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Tee it Up for Reese
Caddyshack Classic

Sunday, July 30 at Rackham GC

8:00 am  Start

Entry fee: $57 + $10 for 2 mulligans.   (Fee includes cart and 1 drink ticket)
Registration deadline: July 20

PURSE = $100     1st place = $32     2nd = $24     3rd = $16     4th = $11
5th = $8   6th = $5   7th = $4

Men: Par 71   (white tees)  6,268 yards   Rating = 69.9   Slope = 124

Senior Men: Par 71   (silver tees)   5,774 yards    Rating = 67.9   Slope = 118

Ladies: Par 72   (red tees)   5,316 yards    Rating = 71.4   Slope = 126

Just be the ball...  
This year this classic 'original six' tournament moves to a classic course Don Ross designed layout at Chandler Park in Detroit. The Caddyshack Classic is an 18-hole, individual stroke-play, net score competition on the Tour's East division schedule.   Hosted annually by the Links at Lake Erie, food is included so stay after the tournament. It is optional to watch the movie the night before to brush up on your quotes.

Our own Helen Puffenberger will sponsor the Caddyshack Classic in honor of her niece Reese
Reese is my great niece and was born on April 25, 2020. She was diagnosed with late onset Pompe disease.  

Pompe disease is a rare (estimated at 1 in every 40,000 births), inherited and often fatal disorder that disables the heart and skeletal muscles.  It is caused by mutations in a gene that makes an enzyme called acid alpha-glucosidase (GAA).  Normally, the body uses GAA to break down glycogen, a stored form of sugar used for energy.  The enzyme performs its function in intracellular compartments called lysosomes.  Lysosomes are known to function as cellular clearinghouses; they ingest multiple substances including glycogen, which is converted by the GAA into glucose, a sugar that fuels muscles. In Pompe disease, mutations in the GAA gene reduce or completely eliminate this essential enzyme.  Excessive amounts of lysosomal glycogen accumulate everywhere in the body, but the cells of the heart and skeletal muscles are the most seriously affected. 

Without enzyme replacement therapy, the hearts of babies with infantile onset Pompe disease progressively thicken and enlarge.  These babies die before the age of one year from either cardiorespiratory failure or respiratory infection.  For individuals with late onset Pompe disease, the prognosis is dependent upon the age of onset.  In general, the later the age of onset, the slower the progression of the disease.  Ultimately, the prognosis is dependent upon the extent of respiratory muscle involvement.

There is no cure for Pompe disease. Individuals with Pompe disease are best treated by a team of specialists (such as cardiologist, neurologist, and respiratory therapist) knowledgeable about the disease, who can offer supportive and symptomatic care. Enzyme replacement therapy is also available.

Please help me to raise money for this devastating disease. Charity is the United Pompe Foundation (

Two Extra Mulligans will be offered and can be used on any shot except a putt.
*** Like last year, we will charge $10 to each players account for the extra Mulligans***

This year we will have several on course prizes and a random draw for more fabulous prizes.

 Closest to the Pin on hole #8 earns invitation to the East Skins Game


Quick Links:

Past Caddyshack Classic Tournament Results

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Tournament History

Year Champion Course Score

Rackham GC

Don Jones
Rackham GC
68 (-3)
Thomas Mulhern
Chandler Park
66 (-5)
Thomas Mulhern
Chandler Park
65 (-6)
Helen Puffenberger
Harbor Dunes
61 (-11)
John Nievierowski
Harbor Dunes
65 (-7)
Jeff Klipa
Links at Lake Erie
64 (-8)
Kevin Gregoire
Links at Lake Erie
69 (-3) *
Chris Cooley
Links at Lake Erie
65 (-7)
Ed Campbell
Links at Lake Erie 72 (E)
Tom Hoelzle
Links at Lake Erie
68 (-4)
2012 Jeff Klipa Links at Lake Erie 68 (-4)
2011 Erik Meland Links at Lake Erie 69 (-3) *
2010 Eric Morris Links at Lake Erie 71 (-1)
2009 Charlie Roy Links at Lake Erie 67 (-5)
2008 Charlie Roy Links at Lake Erie 65 (-7)
2007 Greg Kline Links at Lake Erie 63 (-9)
2006 Dennis Ersig Links at Lake Erie 62 (-10)
2005 Chris Drake Links at Lake Erie 64 (-8)
2004 Rick Persichetti Links at Lake Erie 68 (-4) *
2003 Ron Jones Links at Lake Erie 66 (-6)
2002 Russ Holland Links at Lake Erie 68 (-4)
2001 Steve Gregg Links at Lake Erie 65 (-7)
2000 Sue Meland Links at Lake Erie 50 (-22)
1999 Erik Meland Kensington Metropark 69 (-2)

* won playoff

The "Gopher" trophy is awarded annually to the winner of the Caddyshack Classic

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