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Reatha Jackson Memorial Open

hosted by Michael Lum & Family

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for Lunch

Reatha Jackson Memorial Open

Saturday, June 3 at Farmington Hills GC

8:00 am Modified Shot Gun Start

Entry fee: $56 + $10 for 2 mulligans (includes range and cart)   
Registration deadline: May 25
Lunch TBD  Requires separate RSVP.

PURSE: $100    1st place = $32     2nd = $24     3rd = $16     4th = $11
5th = $8   6th = $5   7th = $4

Men: Par 71   (blue tees)  5,961 yards   Rating = 68.3   Slope = 127

Senior: Par 71  (white tees)  5,556 yards  Ratings = 66.3  Slope = 119

Ladies: Par 71   (red tees)   4,907 yards   Rating = 63.6    Slope = 108

Note: The ratings above are updated GAM ratings and may be different from the course scorecard.
We are using the correct GAM ratings.

Michael Lum is again sponsoring our 2023 tournament at Farmington Hills Golf Club with a tribute to his grandmother Reatha Jackson who passed in 2016 after battling Alzheimer's. In stating his motivation for this event, Mike shared "Grandma loved being outdoors, working in her garden whenever she could get the chance. She loved baking and would make the best apple pies in the world. More than anything she loved her family. Over time Alzheimer's took away all of the things she loved, as she forgot how to garden, what ingredients to use when baking, and last but certainly not least, who her family was. I know without a doubt there is a cure out there. It is my hope that this tournament is able to push us one inch closer to finding that cure so that one day no one has to go through what Grandma went through." 

This year's RJMO is bittersweet, as we celebrate the life of both Reatha and Norman Jackson. Gramps passed away just last week at 95 years young. Gramps went peacefully, falling asleep on earth and waking up with Grams in Heaven. Gramps was an avid golfer in his younger years and in his later years, he really enjoyed riding around in the cart to help pick up the hole sponsor signs pre-covid. He will be remembered for his easy smile and love of his family and friends. Rest in peace, Gramps.

Reatha Jackson   Jackson Family
Reatha Jackson and husband Norman

In her honor, this individual 18-hole, stroke-play, net score event will include two $5 mulligans to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association. $5 from each registration will go to the Alzheimer's Association as well. There will be a lunch after golf this year provided by the Lum family. Stay and visit with the Lum family.   The lunch requires a separate RSVP.

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Farmington Hills GC website

Past Tournament Results

Tournament History

Year Champion Course Score
Tom Moran
Farmington Hills GC
66 (-5)
Rich Dunmore
Farmington Hills GC
59 (-12)
Greg Paddison
Farmington Hills GC
60 (-11)
Bob Delorey
Farmington Hills GC
58 (-13)
Greg Kline
Farmington Hills GC
64 (-7)
Rich Dunmore
Farmington Hills GC
64 (-7)
Mike Geisser
Farmington Hills GC
62 (-9) *
Mike Nicholas
Farmington Hills GC
66 (-5)
Bill Gordon
Farmington Hills GC 67 (-4)
Rich Dunmore Farmington Hills GC 68 (-3)
Rich Dunmore
Farmington Hills GC
64 (-7)
2012 Dan Schwartz Farmington Hills GC 67 (-4) *
2011 Terry Baar Farmington Hills GC 65 (-6)
2010 Terry Baar Farmington Hills GC 63 (-8)
2009 Lou Acosta Farmington Hills GC 63 (-8)
2008 Bob Bruning Farmington Hills GC 69 (-2) *
2007 John Hawkinson Farmington Hills GC 68 (-3)
2006 David Randall Farmington Hills GC 61 (-10)
2005 Jeff Kellstrom Links at Pinewood GC 69 (-3)

* won playoff
**Tournament began as the Real McCoy Classic (2005-2016)

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