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2017 Strokes on a Rope

May 27 at Hunter's Ridge GC

9:00 start time

Entry fee: $54 (includes cart, food)   Registration deadline: May 18

PURSE : $100     1st place = $32    2nd = $24    3rd = $16    4th = $11
5th = $8  6th = $5  7th = $4

Men: Par 71   (blue tees)   5,927 yards    Rating = 69.2   Slope = 125

Ladies: Par 71   (red tees)   4,624 yards    Rating = 67.3   Slope = 115

Closest-to-the-Pin on hole # 17 = 1st qualifier for the West Division Skins Game

This Strokes on a Rope event uses the "String & Scissors" handicapping method.  Instead of receiving a number of handicap strokes to make a net score, the Strokes-on-a-Rope tournament issues a length of string to each player based on their handicap index (MTHI).  As the players work their way around the course, they may move their ball to improve their lie or escape trouble but they must cut off the same amount of string.  When there is no string left, then the player is on his/her own to the completion of the round.

Because a true gross score cannot be determined, the Strokes-on-a-Rope does not update a player's handicap index.

Handicap strokes converted to a length of string (1 foot for each stroke).  A player’s ball may be moved at any time after the tee shot in order to improve the lie.  Whatever amount the ball is moved, the same length of string is cut off and discarded.  The ball movement can be in any direction and can be moved from any hazard (ball must be reachable).  When the string is completely exhausted, then the player can no longer move his/her ball.  The ball can be moved directly to the cup.  String cannot be used in any playoff.

Low score wins.


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Tournament History

Year Champion Course Score
Jeff Klipa
Hunter's Ridge GC
71 (-1) *
Tim Markel
Hunter's Ridge GC
68 (-3)
Rick Persichetti
Hunter's Ridge GC 76 (+5)
Charlie Roy
Hunter's Ridge GC 72 (+1)
Dave Oliver
Hunter's Ridge GC
68 (-3)
2012 Greg Kline Links at Whitmore Lake 73 (+2)
2011 Lou Acosta Huntmore GC 77 (+5) *
2010 Lou Acosta Lake Forest GC 80 (+8)
2009 John Powell Lake Erie Metropark GC 79 (+7)
2008 Rick Persichetti Huntmore GC 85 (+13) *
2007 David Martin Huntmore GC 83 (+11)
2006 Bob White Lake Erie Metropark GC 77 (+5)
2005 David Martin Lake Forest GC 80 (+8)
2004 Bob White Lake Erie Metropark GC 77 (+5)
2003 Rick Persichetti Salem Hills GC 79 (+7)
2002 Jeff Kellstrom Lake Erie Metropark GC 76 (+4)
2001 Todd Stuart Raisin River GC 77 (+7)
2000 Todd Stuart Lake Erie Metropark GC 81 (+9)
1999 Todd Stuart Lake Erie Metropark GC 77 (+5)

* won playoff

The Strokes on a Rope trophy

White ribbon for first time winner

Red ribbon for 2nd time winner

Blue ribbon for 3rd time winner

Red, White, & Blue ribbon for 4th win and beyond

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