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Match Play

Day 1 -  July 8 at Huron Meadows GC

Entry Fee Day 1: $81       Registration Deadline: June 29

Round 1 - Saturday  @ 8:00am  

Round 2 - Saturday @ 1:15 

Cart and lunch between rounds (dog, chip soda)

Day 2 - July 9 at Huron Meadows GC

Entry Fee Day 2: $75 (payable upon qualification)   

Semi-Finals - Sunday @ 8:00am

FINALS and 3rd place match - Sunday @ 1:15pm

(Cart and drink after round)

PURSE = $245     1st place = $60     2nd = $40    3rd = $25    4th = $20   T5 = $15  T9 = $10

Men:  Par 70   (white tees)  6,431 yards    Rating = 70.6   Slope = 122

Senior Men:  Par 70  (gold tees)  5,895 yards  Rating = 68.1   Slope = 115

Women:  Par 70  (red tees)   5,304  yards    Rating = 70.5  Slope = 121

GAM Ratings may be different than the course scorecard.

******************** New Format***************

The Mulligan Tour Match Play Championship is a grueling competition that rewards the winning player with the Tour's richest 1st place paycheck ($60).  The top-16 players on the Mulligan Tour World Ranking are invited to start the tournament.  All players will get two rounds on Saturday Day 1.  Round 1 begins on Saturday morning.  The 8 winning players will re-tee in the afternoon to trim the field down to 4.  At the same time, the losers bracket will playoff for pride and 9th place money. The 4 successful winners bracket players continue the next day, July 9th, with Sunday morning (semi-finals) and Sunday afternoon (Finals and 3rd place) to carve up the $145 Final Four purse.  The 4 players that tie for 5th get $15 each and the 4 who tie for 9th get $10.


If any players ranked in the top-16 on the World Ranking decline their invitation, then offers are extended down the ranking until a field of 16 players is secured.  Members are asked not to register for the Match Play Championship if they cannot participate for the full two days.

The deadline for registering for the tournament is June 29th.  The World Rankings formulated after the June 25 C Cool Open tournament will be used to set the qualifying field of players for the 2022 Match Play Championship.  The final seeding order of the field of players entered will be set after the Red, White & Blue results on July 2nd.

Handicaps from Day 1 will carry over to Day 2 on July 9. No reset.

Match play format – Players play against each other 1 on 1.  Low net score for each hole wins the hole.  The player that wins the most holes wins the match.  In fact, the match is finished when 1 player is “up” by more holes than remain.  For example: A player wins “3 and 2” when the player is up by 3 holes after 16.

The higher handicap player shall receive a number of strokes that is the difference between the 2 players handicaps.

If the 18 hole match ends “all square” then the 2 players will continue in extra holes (starting at #1 or #10 depending on tee availability) to decide the winner. Handicap strokes are applied to the same holes in extra hole play as the original match.

Earnings in the Match Play Championship are shown on the Overall Money Standings

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Match Play Championship RESULTS
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Tournament History

Year Champion and runner up Course

Huron Meadows Metropark
David Martin 19 holes over Scott Wilsey
Huron Meadows Metropark
Corey McCue 5 & 3 over Ryan Kiekbusch
Huron Meadows Metropark
Tim Markel  4 & 3 over Corey McCue
Brae Burn GC
Kevin Gregoire in 21 Holes over Tim Markel
Willow Metropark GC
Mike Nicholas 5 & 4 over Jeff Graunke
The Woodlands of Van Buren
Mike Nicholas  7 & 6 over Greg Kline
Warren Valley West Course
Helen Puffenberger 5 & 4 over Greg Kline
The Woodlands of Van Buren
Mike Prieskorn 2 & 1 over Ed Campbell
The Woodlands of Van Buren
Ed Campbell 6 & 5 over Tom W Litzler
The Woodlands of Van Buren
Steve Villerot 2 & 1 over Greg Kline
The Woodlands of Van Buren
2012 Kelly Arnold 19 holes over Tom W Litzler The Woodlands of Van Buren
2011 Kevin Morin  5 & 3 over Mike Prieskorn The Woodlands of Van Buren
2010 Thom Bales  2 & 1 over Rick Persichetti The Woodlands of Van Buren
2009 Kelly Arnold  6 & 5 over Tom R Litzler Links at Whitmore Lake
2008 Bob Bruning  7 & 6 over John Powell Willow Metropark GC
2007 DeVonne Mowry  2 & 1 over Thom Bales Links at Whitmore Lake
2006 Greg Kline  3 & 2 over Dan Schwartz Links at Whitmore Lake
2005 Greg Kline  2-up over Joe Castmore The Woodlands of Van Buren
2004 Greg Kline  4 & 2 over Rick Persichetti Inkster Valley GC
2003 Steve Gregg  3 & 2 over Rick Persichetti The Woodlands of Van Buren
2002 David Martin  2 & 1 over Greg Kline Inkster Valley GC
2001 Steve Gregg  1-up over Frank Caruana The Woodlands of Van Buren

The Mulligan Tour Match Play Championship trophy

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