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Withey Finds the Green at Pine View
April 20, 2019 Ypsilanti Twp
Withey win!
Winner's check presented by Co-Sponsor Mike Fox

Chuck Withey hit 11 greens on his way to a 3 shot, 4 under par, win at the Pine View Classic on a blustery and, at the end, very wet day. Rookie Gregg Paddison made 5 birdies in his first official event to take 2nd at 1 under par. Kevin Gregoire took 3rd at 2 over par and 2017 winner Corey McCue, Greg Kline and Rick Floyd all tied for 4th at 3 over par. It was Kline's 98th top 4 finish and Floyd's 1st. The win is Chuck's 8th in 131 starts and his 41st top 4 finish. For the second week in a row, the player not playing ascends to World #1 as Jeff Klipa claims the spot for the first time.
Special thanks to our new sponsor and charity, Rollin' with the Homies. The bike riding fundraising team collected $450 to fight MS.
Big donation
Winner Chuck Withey presents charity check to 2 Homies, Corey McCue and Mike Fox.

Sweet Round for Tyler Floyd
April 13, 2019 Oakland Twp
T Floyd wins 2nd in 1st of
Tyler Floyd picked up right where he left off last season with a stellar round at the Sweet Sixteen. Floyd made 6 birdies and 1 eagle and tossed his only two bogeys to post an 8 under par, 5 shot victory. Tim Markel tied Mike Geisser for 2nd at 3 under par. And Nic Duff tied Mike Prieskorn for 4th at 2 under par.  Markel tied Floyd with 31 putts total on the day. The win is Tyler's 2nd in only 13 starts, his other coming at last fall's Western Championship. Gregg Nothdurft relinquished the number one ranking back to Corey McCue after enjoying it for the winter. 

Q-School 2 an even better day!

April 7, 2019 Livonia
With temps approaching 70 degrees, Q-School 2 gave 6 rookies another score for their book. In addition, Mark Winn returns to the Tour for the first time since 2015. Don Ward was again the rookie medalist, topping his Saturday score by 1 with an 80 at Whispering Willows.  For the Vets, John Raymond turned in a second straight strong round, topping Tyler Floyd by 2 with a 2 over par 72. The 'winter soldiers' Chuck Withey and Chris Cooley finished T-3.

Q-School 1 a Great Day

April 6, 2019 Livonia
The weather cooperated for a great Qualifier on Saturday at Fox Creek. The rookie class of 2019 qualified 8 players on day one. Welcome to Don Ward, Greg Paddison, Melek Kayser, Glenn Stockdale, Doug Bell, Mike Fox, Rod Theunissen and Jeff Cubel. Medalist for the day went to Ward with a fine 81 for the round. For the Veterans, Corey McCue's winter workouts paid off with a medalist winning 1 under par 70. He outlasted one of the 'winter warriors' Chris Cooley who shot 1 over 72.

Another Season About to Start!
April 1, 2019
No Fooling!  The registration is open for our season opener, the Sweet Sixteen at Blackheath.  This year the late Easter Holiday messed with the schedule a bit. So we decided to take it easy on you and only count 16 of your holes in the first event of the year! We have several rookies auditioning at Q-School this weekend and a few returning grizzled vets who are looking to hobble up to those Senior Tees this year. The deadline for declaring that choice for the 57 and plus year-olds is today. And a little love to the flat bellies out there. Bring your game boys. The old guys will be hitting wedges into the greens this year! Let's rock this!

Schedule Coming Together
March 19, 2019
The bulk of the 2019 schedule has been confirmed and is available for viewing at the link at the bottom of this page. Begin your planning now.

Message from the CEO

I cannot believe it is already March 5th and at the same time Spring cannot get here soon enough.  I have played a bunch of winter golf here in Michigan and my streak continues.  Iíve gotten to 48 months with at least 1 round per month in Michigan.  Yes, a couple of days were a little Chilly but a small price to pay. 


This week the Golf Show will be at Suburban Show Place in Novi.  The Mulligan Tour will have a booth at the show (Booth 415).  If you are at the show stop by and say hi. 


Regarding the 2019 Season.  We have made some changes to the schedule and rules. 


This year we have added Senior Tees for any player 57 as of June 1st can play the Senior Tees.  Please realize that for most tournaments we are playing from the White Tees and there is no forward Menís tee box, so in those cases everyone plays the same tees. Those Tournaments we play at a tee box farther back a senior will play the next forward tee box.  In simple terms when we are playing the Blue Tees the Seniors will play the White tees.  All those who are 57 or qualify for the Senior Tees have to elect to be a senior and play the senior tees.  The selection has to be made by April 1st and you will be playing the Senior Tees for the entire year. If you elect to play the Senior Tees you will automatically be placed at the forward tees for all events.  The only exception to this rule is the Senior Open where all players are playing the most forward tee box.


Schedule Changes Ė

  • This year the first competitive tournament of the year will be Sweet Sixteen.  With Easter on Sunday, April 21. We have moved the Sweet Sixteen up 1 week to give us the open date for Easter
  • The 2 Q School tournaments will be on the weekend of April 6th and 7th
  • We have a new sponsor for the Pineview Classic.  Kelley McCue and her biking group raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis.  They are sponsoring the Pineview classic so we can raise funds for their charity group Ė biking with the homies. 
  • We have replaced the Ladies Open with the Breast Cancer Awareness Tournament.  This tournament will raise funds to fight Breast Cancer.  We will be providing all woman players with 3 extra strokes to their handicap and the low net woman will get automatic entry into the Tour Championship.  The tournament is an open stroke event with all players eligible to win the tournament purse.
  • Last year we added the Red White and Blue, Canadian Open and U of M Open.  All 3 will continue in 2019. 
  • This year the 2 Stick and Red, White and Blue will be included in handicapping. Do you hear that Scotty Wilsey!? 😊


Commissioner Cup

With the increase in popularity of the Commissioners Cup we have decided to expand the teams to 10 players each. As before the Commissioner is 1 of the players and then the next 7 players will be same as before and come from the top 15 of players in the division money list.  The last 2 players will now be Commissioners pick but the player they choose must meet one of the following requirements.

  • Top 30 of the Tour Overall Money list
  • Top 20 of the Division Money list (any of the 3 divisions)


If you havenít played in the Commissioners Cup, it is a Ryder Cup style event held over 3 days (Friday-Sunday).  Iíve been fortunate enough to play in 4 so far.  It is a fun event played on a challenging course and an opportunity to socialize with other members. 


New Rules and Pace of Play


In case you havenít heard the USGA and R&A have made changes to the Rules of Golf. The most common ones that effect the Mulligan Tour will be the looking for lost balls and the flag stick.  The rules have changed to giving players only 3 minutes to look for a lost ball.  The key to the 3-minute rule for the MT is that we want to limit the search to just 2 players in a foursome and the other 2 players head over to hit their shots.  Once they have hit their shots the person looking for ball must stop looking and take their drop.  Trust me 3 minutes will go by quickly.


Regarding the Flag Stick, the rules now allow a player to leave the flag stick in while putting.  Each player will be given the opportunity to leave the flag stick in the hole during their putts.  What we would recommend is that when you are on the green let the other players know if you are planning on leaving the flag stick in so as a foursome can make sure to keep the flag close by to keep pace of play from slowing down on the green.


Pace of Play - is a problem that effects all levels of golf from the Pros to Amateurs.  We continue to look for ways to improve our pace of play so that each group will complete their round at 4.5 hours per round.  To keep this in the fore front of everyoneís mind each week after that weekends tournament we will post the time each group took to play their round.  The key is to get the round complete in 4.5 hours or less.  The second rule is to not to fall out of position with the group ahead of you.  Out of position would be a full hole behind (Obviously on a Par 3 you have to wait for the green to clear).  On Par 4 and Par 5 your group shouldnít fall a full hole behind and if you are, you need to pick up your pace to catch up.


Payment Options


Over the last year Current has been making changes to their app and platform.  For many the changes have made it difficult if not impossible to use.  I would like for us as a tour to move away from the Current platform but we will continue to let members utilize Current if they so choose.  However, with the noted problems Iíve set Mulligan Tour up with two other payment options besides sending checks.  The two new options are Zelle and PayPal. Below is how you can find me and the Mulligan Tour on each one.


  • Zelle Ė this is a bank to bank payment process where you can transfer money from your bank account to the Mulligan Tour bank account. To locate me on Zelle you need to set Zelle up on your account and then look for me.

  • PayPal Ė This just a payment system that is independent of your bank.  PayPal will let you use your bank account or let you pay us with a CC.  PayPal will charge you a fee if you use your CC but depending on your CC rewards program you may find this appealing. If you pay with a CC and PayPal charges us a fee for that payment we will pass those costs on to the member.  Below is how you can find me on PayPal



Finally, during the year we are looking into changing the handicap system so that it will be 5 of 8 instead of the current 3 of 6.  We believe this will smooth out the peaks and valleys for all members and help improve the competitive balance.  As we review the process we will keep the members informed.   


2019 Application and membership dues.


Here is a link to the 2019 Application. If you pay your annual membership dues by March 18 the dues are $100.  After March 18, the membership dues are $120.  You can email me the application or mail them to our PO Box


The Mulligan Tour

PO Box 530097

Livonia, MI 48153



Iím looking forward to another great year and hope to see you all real soon. 





Chuck Withey


The Mulligan Tour will return to the
Novi Golf Show in March

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