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First Fantasy Winners
April 11, 2021 In the Either
Our first Fantasy contest for the Masters tournament offered interesting results.  Brian Lardin took the title in a runaway with 110 points from the scoring system that emphasized birdies and stats rather than results (since your author picked the 2nd and 3rd place finishers and got NO credit, but I'm not bitter). Congrats Brian! The winner picked Zalatoris, Speith, J.T. and Hideki and was quoted as saying "Helps when you hit the trifecta for win, place and show."  Tour newcomer John Ferlito took a respectable 2nd with 93 points.  The two folks tied for 3rd get no credit since their competition names were more focused on their dominate hand and the sturdiness of their golf equipment (that's our story and we're sticking to it), so special temporary Top-4 finishes go to Roger Smith with 76 points and Chuck Withey with 73.  See you at the PGA!

Q-School 2 in the books
April 11, 2021 Livonia

On a nice but sometimes rainy day, 9 rookies booked their 2nd Tour qualifying score and 1 more, John Raad, was added to the 2021 class. Ryan Kiekbusch took Medalist for the rookies today with a 84, 1 ahead of Grant Goodspeed.  For the veterans Chuck
Withey and Kane Bergstrom shared medalist at 4 over par.

Beautiful Day for QS-1
April 10, 2021  Livonia

The weather cooperated for a great Qualifier on Saturday at Fox Creek. The rookie class of 2021 qualified 9 players on day one. Welcome to Grant Goodspeed, Ryan Kiekbusch, Eric Kiekbusch, Michael Hutchins, Jon Ferlito, Mark Lindeman, Jon Lynch, Will Smith, and Justin Roettger.  Medalist for the day went to Goodspeed with a fine 77 for the round. For the Veterans, Kevin Gregoire proved he is still in form with a medalist winning 1 under par 70. He outdistanced Commissioner Kline who shot 4 over 75.

Ready for a New Year!
A Heads up from the CEO

I wanted to reach out to all New and Returning members with a few calendar reminders.  There are several items I want to make sure everyone is aware of.


The start of the season is with Q School events on April 10 and 11.  The registration deadline for Q School is Thursday, April 1st (No Foolís Joke here).


Annual Dues deadline for the discounted rate is tomorrow, Monday March 22.  Annuals dues paid after tomorrow , March 22 is $120


Members that are 57 years old by June 1, 2021 or older can choose to play the Sr Tees (please remember the Sr Tees are the tee box in front of the Standard Menís tee box but not always).  Sr Tees vary event by event.  The deadline to declare to play the Sr Tees is April 1st and this is a full year selection. 


Hope all are doing well.  Iím looking forward to getting out on the course and chatting with everyone. 




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